Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A politician finally speaks out against US drug policy

The scope of US drug policy is much larger than just negatively impacting Mexico. The amount of tax revenue that could be made from drugs being legal and regulated (like alcohol or tobacco) would be MASSIVE. Just look at the amount of taxes that alcohol and tobacco bring in, now imagine that, tenfold. Not only that, the cost of running prisons would drop dramatically so we'd actually do something productive with our tax dollars instead of "humanely" enslaving peaceful recreational drug users, raiding houses with "probable cause", and tearing the cars/property of ignorant individuals apart.

Not to mention the fact that legalizing drugs would push the black market for drugs (which is without a doubt a STRONG majority of the black market's income) out of the country. We wouldn't have to worry about drug lords causing domestic wars over suppliers. We wouldn't have to worry about our kids going to school and learning how to be drug dealers and "hanging with the wrong crowd". We wouldn't have these hoodlums running around impressing upon their peers how cool it is to have an unregistered gun and to have a chain that hurts their neck.

Fact of the matter is, the good that would come out of the legalization - OR AT LEAST the logical review of our policies - astonishingly outweighs the bad that has come out of the drug war. The magnitude of the war on drugs is much more than the media or ignorant politicians express. How can you tell me that drugs are morally wrong and should be illegal when those morals are indirectly causing people to go to prison for life, or lose their life over some contraband "easy money"?

In no way am I advocating that our population should go try meth or crack or anything like that. Everyone has a freedom of choice, it's our right as human beings. Whether drugs are illegal or not doesn't change the fact that people will do what they want if they want to. It's Communist to say you can't make your own choices. An individual's neglect to research a drug he or she is about to put in their body is their own responsibility. Instead of oppressing falsified information about drugs on our youth (and our elderly) - and giving drug users a horrible stigma - we should give FACTUAL information about the ACTUAL ups and downs of substances. They give more and more fake information from government run institutions that bash drugs harshly, then you find a bunch of real research that has been going on by actual scientists who have experimented and it completely negates the government's "results".

Until we start applying logical thought to our country's (and states) policies, we will forever be at the mercy of domestic terrorism consisting of criminals, police, and the misinformed public. Our LEADERS are supposed to reflect on all of us, as they represent us. Yet our LEADERS instill ignorance in politics and appeal to morals that further make the government's functionality a clusterfuck, and the general well being of society unnaturally negative. This isn't the "land of the free". This is the "barren of the oppressed and ignorant". We're becoming Communists. Democracy is slowly creeping out of the doggy door, better get an electric doggy fence.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Our website is finally up, and we are adding onto it daily

Just a notice that our website is now officially up and you will see more and more content as time progresses. Feel free to join our feed.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Female speaking out against religion

Religion was created because people want to believe that they don't just rot in the ground after they die. It's always easier to cope with death when you know your life doesn't truly end, and that it's better on the other side. "Having faith" is exactly that, having faith. Faith that you won't just rot in the ground and give back to the earth what you've taken from her for an entire century. People talk about miracles, because there's no way it could be a coincidence. A coincidence only takes a second, our lifetimes are billions of seconds long. Do the math, there is billions of chances for a coincidence to happen in your lifetime. I don't spite "God" if he does exist, but we've learned more in the past hundred years than we have in the past million as human beings. And you can spite me for being atheist all you want, as the author said, your "blissful ignorance" will not be instilled upon me. My brain is my most powerful tool, and I will put logic before faith any day. Humans act primarily on emotions. Faith is an emotion. When someone dies they are overwhelmed with sadness so they replace that sadness with faith in a higher being and a higher place where you are immortal and somehow manage to be with every single person you've grown to love among the trillions of others who have died before you. I don't know how we got here, but science has given us a good idea. And if science can explain how I evolved from monkeys that threw feces at each other for fun more than the bible can explain our existence, then so be it. I don't want to say I bash religions, but I do bash ignorance, and religions were made and followed on ignorance. Our government tries to act like they're carrying out god's will yet they're corrupt by a majority, and some even believe that if you break the law you're going to hell. So you're going to hell for man-made corrupt laws.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Does the Recession make us horny?

Alright, all of these petty comments aside. Statistics and surveys will never give you a true answer. People can SAY anything. The answer is in the psychology of everything. Some men think their financial status plays a part in the ability to hook up with women, so if they don't have money they don't think they're manly enough to seek out sex. This actually discourages a lot of people. It may even discourage women, because they too don't want to be looked at as poor, and sex brings a lot of insecurities with it, especially for females. As for cheating, if the cheaters are living with their partner and they argue almost all the time about finances(which sounds like a very realistic situation modern day) a guy is a lot more apt to look somewhere else for the missing feelings he's having for his girlfriend/wife. Whereas females tend to cheat more when they're more sexually than emotionally unsatisfied. Of course the "missing feelings" could also be linked to the depression of not being able to take care of himself and the female seeing that, which turns her off and then causes her to deprive him of sex because she's "not in the mood". Thus, cheating because of being sexually deprived. Many factors go into someone deciding to cheat, a recession included. But that's not the only reason.

Debt Forgiveness - The only possible way out of this economic quicksand?

After using our tax dollars to bail out banks that are corrupt and greedy in the first place, the banks still refuse to cut their current profits in spite of the entire economy's condition. Making people pay MORE when they are making LESS makes no logical sense whatsoever, and the banks don't care. They hurt themselves in the long run as well as the whole economy because of their greed. They charge interest on houses that are worthless now, and those who were paying money for houses they could afford before, can't afford them now because their wages have been lowered or they are out of a job completely.

The government doesn't recognize this and instead uses our money to bail out a problem that is the product of corporate greed, further throwing our economy out of control, and making this "recovery" much longer than it has to be. As said in this article the housing market plays a gigantic role in a healthy economy. When people can barely afford homes, or leave their homes to move in with others, that's a lot of money that is bypassing potential consumption. If I can barely afford my mortgage how am I going to pump money into the economy by buying products from businesses? The housing market has restricted our buying choices, increased our cost of living, made business firms lose money(further depressing the economy, no money for businesses, no jobs for people), decreased our standard of living, and had the government get policy gridlocked trying to deal with the deficit they're in because they dished out billions of dollars to war and the failing banks and housing market, as well as people getting government aid because they can't afford their rent!

The corporate greed is inevitably going to backfire on itself. What is the point of having those billions of dollars in your company when the dollar dies and becomes essentially worthless? Congratulations, you'll have billions of slices of paper that have no more value than a god damn penny. Time and time again we could have used the wisdom of the past to get over our problems today, if the government and the people had the capacity to analyze mistakes that other nations have faced throughout the history of the world, instead of arguing that times are different now. TIMES AREN'T DIFFERENT NOW, the only difference is that now there's a lot more houses for our population than there has probably ever been in any societies before us. Know what that means? That means we're even MORE dependent on the housing market than any other nation ever could have been. For every person who gets a roommate instead of mortgaging a house that costs at least 50% of their income a month, the prices of houses continue to go down and the interests the banks put on people continue to go up, as they want to meet that inflation premium and not lose money.

Fact of the matter is there is no way they AREN'T going to lose money if they aren't willing to stop oppressing people with unbelievable rates. As more houses are made, houses become cheaper, that's just basic supply and demand! As less people invest in a house because they'd rather have that extra spending money at the end of the month or at least enough money to feed themselves, the more the housing market suffers because those potential house buyers are now lowering their standard of living(owning a house independently) by moving in with roommates. This idea of sharing costs does indeed work for the individual, but it hurts our economy. All of that money that consumers aren't spending(consumers being people who pay utility bills, mortgage, etc) is money that isn't being pumped into the economy. So you have these mass amounts of homes that no one is living in because people would rather wolf pack to have more money for savings or to do what they want with.

All of this is provoked by greedy bankers and ignorant politicians. Sharing the costs of living doesn't help the economy as much as owning your own house would. Sure if you and your friends are sharing a house, you all split up the bills so your cost of living is lower, and you can go and buy that nice widescreen TV you wanted. But as more individuals live together and less people actually own houses themselves, this causes all that money that could be spent on housing to be spent on other things, further reducing the prices of homes, and in the end, screwing the banks over as their investments in these houses are deflating. "Forcing" the banks to increase interest on individuals in order to make up for the losses that they've caused themselves for being imbeciles. In the end the banks are causing their own demise in the long run.

All of these people that are having a horrible time affording mortgage while still maintaining enough income to pay bills and feed themselves are going to do one of a few things. 1, they could commit suicide because of the amplified amount of depression in their lives due to the financial crisis they're in, and not being able to afford medical help. 2, they could move in with roommates, further killing the housing market, forcing the prices on homes to go down, and making the banks worth less than they actually claim to be worth. 3, tough it out and never spend money on "wants" such as the nice TV, which in turn hurts businesses because this individual can't afford to spend money on what (s)he desires. As you can see none of these options really is beneficial for the economy. One is lethal to the individual, two is beneficial to the individual but not the economy, and three isn't really beneficial to anyone in the long run and is bad for business firms who specialize in consumer demands which further makes the economic vortex spin downward into the ground until it crashes.

It is plain to see that the banks are the ones to blame in this area, and that nothing the consumer can do will truly fix the economy. It's out of our hands. It's up to the banks to "bite the bullet" AKA stop being greedy bastards and "forgive" these people in debt, who are in debt because of the banks' greed in the first place! From my point of view I think WE need to forgive THE BANKS, but economically that wouldn't work. These conditions our economy is in is the product of corporate greed, specifically banks and war profiteers. When the super rich stop preying on the poor-middle class, that is when we will see true economic stability and prosperity. Having all of the money at the top isn't good for anyone, not even the top! Think of it this way. As the top makes more money, and the bottom makes less money, eventually it will get to the point where the top can't make money because the bottom has no money to give.

What happens when all the money is at the top and there is no money at the bottom? People don't buy products, and consumption is one of the biggest factors when it comes to money the government gets from us. Businesses go under as people aren't buying their products, the 1% that everyone is talking about becomes the 99% because they aren't making that money anymore. The top 1% own politics, but as there is no money in politics that power they have over government is pointless and ineffective as the government has no resources to instill their supremacy in. In short? The economy collapses. The dollar dies or is nonexistent. The American dream is crushed and shattered by corporate greed and the blissful ignorance of the government and the top 1%.

Political Socialization - A natural antidepressant

Ahaha what?! The FDA and other government agencies "fight" against drug dependence and addiction and such, yet they let people get prescribed antidepressants more than they get therapy for evaluation of their mental health. It's a sad place to be when you're more apt to get medication than you are to get some real attempts of figuring out what's wrong with you. I'm not sure if political socialization solely is a way for people to stop being so depressed, most of the time it's because they're reclusive and don't get out often. It's the game effect, can you imagine going into a stadium with thousands of people having a great time and screaming at the top of their lungs with morale while you're all sad and looking at the ground hating life? It's a rare case when that happens, reason being is because as humans we feed off of other people's energy, and if the energy is negative, our energy becomes negative. If our energy was already negative, and their energy is neutral, our energy stays negative. Without a doubt getting involved in the Occupy movement, or any movement for that matter (that you believe in) will indeed make you less depressed, because you feed off of all that positive energy that people are sending off, and unless you are at the end stages of depression (suicidal thoughts/attempted suicide) you are without a doubt going to be supercharged by this positive energy... Like a battery! That's not to say that people with horrible depression can't get charged by this energy as well, most of the time they just have a psychological barrier up that filters good energy and just sucks up the bad energy, which is a personal problem, not a disease/illness.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Porn is ruining our sex lives

A humorous but sad article.

Meet the top 0.01%

The top 0.01% held the most responsible for the state of our country right now? It makes sense that military weapon producers would have that kind of grasp on our economy considering how much tax money is spent on the military.

FDR, an influence that is oblivious to our present-day politicians

FDR. A political legend. People need to start getting educated. Obama is an actor. The only thing good about him in politics is his ability to persuade people just because he makes it sound amazing coming from his impeccable fluency. FDR on the other hand was a cripple yet he was one of the best things to ever happen to this nation.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, "ICE", more corrupt than police?

Since when did we start letting white supremacists into law enforcement?

FDA maligns tobacco leaves as the culprit, when it is actually the additives

Good article regarding tobacco ignorance among the population, particularly the FDA.

The Divider versus the Thinker

Good read. This article emphasizes the realism of corruption in our government, and how our ignorance has just let it slip by unnoticed. Take a stand people. Become informed. Do everything you can to keep this nation from crumbling beneath you and sucking us all into abyss. Or watch from the sidelines as you witness the greatest nation in the world end.

Tyranny and Liberty.

A very intuitive article I must say. Beefed up with enough information regarding the government stretching its true boundaries. The fathers of our country had to have realized that giving "implied" and "reserved" powers would inevitably be abused and stretched to the point of political corruption. Who is the beneficiary of such corruptness is the real question... What does the government have to earn by abusing its citizens and feasting on the power delegated to them by the people? Are the outrageous salaries they receive not enough to stay on a straight and narrow path? I want to blame someone for this but in the end it is everyone's fault. The news agencies' faults for not giving important information that actually matters beyond 15 seconds, trying to appease and entertain their CUSTOMERS with fluffy information that doesn't help us at all. The peoples' faults for not being educated in what is going on in everyday politics, and not having the motive to care for how their RULERS are BENDING THE RULES daily for the goals of who knows what. The government for letting corruption leak through the holes and not mentioning it or being completely oblivious to it or afraid to challenge it due to fear of losing their CAREERS(Yes, it's a JOB, ever heard of sleeping on the job?). I don't blame the founders of the constitution, they wanted their system to last. They wanted their system to be well rounded and appeal to everyone's rights, prioritarily the CITIZENS. It is a government for the people, by the people, correct? Then why is the government flexing its elastic grasp over citizens, lowering the quality of their life on A HUNCH? The government is corrupt on all levels. Local, state, and federal. There is no mediator in the sense to keep them from being corrupt. There is no person who's job is to keep an eye on the legislators slipping things in between the lines that stretch their power, except perhaps the supreme court who in itself is quite ignorant to the true interpretation of the constitution. If men were angels, there would be no need for government, yes. But does government not consist of those same men?

Police... Impose on the 3rd amendment? The new domestic militarized soldiers?

Take your time reading these articles. Witness the true magnitude of corruption. This is what our nation has succumb to. This is what it is to be a "protector". This is the direction that our government has allowed, and our people have ignored.

Police using steel barriers to cage in protesters to the sidewalks, claiming it is to "keep people out of the roads for traffic" when in reality, majority of people actually walk in that area so there really isn't any traffic. Not to mention police are in those areas in the middle of the roads and arresting people for climbing over the barriers or just walking on the road side of them. The police are ignoring any contact with them regarding the "illegality" of being on the road side of the barriers. Citizens of the area claim that the police are much more of a problem than the protesters themselves! The peaceful protesters have marched by buildings and such and done nothing violent or costly to anyone except for walking(stated by a business owner in that area, who also claimed the barriers were hurting his business), yet the police are arresting people left and right for crimes the police themselves provoked. It is as if the police get paid for every person they lock up regardless of the charges and they just think a peaceful protest is a jackpot for victims.

We fight against terrorism for decades in the Middle East while the domestic "public protectors" arm with bulletproof suits and grenade launchers and fully-automatic machine guns against peaceful protesters whom they arrest under fraudulent charges and astronomically exaggerated fairy tales... Meanwhile our economy crumbles. These Neo-Nazis make me sick. At least when Nazi Germany was around their economy was prosperous. We just have corrupt SOLDIERS("police") meeting a quota of corrupt arrests because they see a peaceful protest as a jackpot, further killing our economy by draining our tax dollars to pay for these gluttonous hogs to feast on the weak and peaceful victims, protesters. Is it hog hunting season yet? Get your shotguns ready.

The police are minions of the constitution. Yet they outright violate people's rights that were given on the HIGHEST LEVEL LAW OF THE LAND, THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. How does the lowest level of government (police) get away with breaking the highest level of rules (the constitution)? The government better start doing their job that WE PAY THEM TO DO. Or a revolution will happen, a very much needed one. No longer will we stay the victims of those that we employ. YOU WORK FOR US, YOU WILL DO WHAT WE WANT. Don't forget that, feds.

Friday, October 28, 2011

4 ways the Feds are attacking medical marijuana industry

 The feds are so stupid. How can you even compare Marijuana to heroin, ecstasy, and LSD?

1. That land belongs to the States in which where they are doing it is legal. So stop wasting our tax dollars on gigantic stacks of paperwork just because you have nothing better to do but dedicate yourself to making this economy fail even more.

2. Who cares if it's against the law? It's not the big deal that they make it out to be. Marijuana is not addicting, and if someone becomes addicted to it, it is their lack of willpower to which the addiction is attached, not the plant itself. Or maybe people just like being happy and carefree more than they do dealing with bullshit, government included. They used to do ads almost ALL the time about cigarettes. If marijuana gets more ads than cigarettes do then I am all for it. Marijuana is healthier and even beneficial whereas cigarettes are cancerous and have more carcinogens than your cars exhaust pipe. The same goes for alcohol, I'd rather someone be addicted to marijuana than to alcohol ANYDAY.

3. Money laundering? No shit? REALLY? Of course it's a "high risk area" for money laundering you imbecilic feds. They're medical cannabis retailers and your ignorant and superficial DEA doesn't recognize it for what it is. In pure form, cannabis DOES HAVE MEDICAL VALUE AND THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE TO VOUCH FOR AND PROVE THAT AS A FACT. In idiocentric form(feds) it has "no medical value and is highly addictive". If that's the case than why are alcohol and cigarettes legal? Because a lot of the tax money comes from taxes on alcohol and cigarettes. That's why.

4. This one speaks for itself. Do you know how many "criminals" they couldn't prove were "criminals" until they charged them with "tax evasion" and sentenced them to life for it, to cover for the crimes they couldn't prove? A large amount.

Moral of the story: The Federal government is a joke and thinks the people of the United States are majoritarily stupid. They aren't stupid, but a lot of them are very ignorant. The government can't even keep its own workers from being corrupt, so why go after citizens when you have your own problems to work out? Your "highly addictive drug with no medicinal value whatsoever" makes people happy with their lives and encourages them to get out and be productive in their life. How about instead of going after the nonexistent number of people who have problems with cannabis, you go after people who have problems with tobacco and alcohol addiction. How many people need to die to "legal" drugs for you to go after them? How many people need to tell you that their lives have benefited from "illegal" drugs for you to understand their hardships they've overcome through something "illegal" has been far more beneficial compared to that of alcoholism or nicotine addiction? It's all about the money you CAN get from things that kill people, and the money you CAN'T get from things that help people. Idiots.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Poll Tax in Tennessee... Ahahaha

What a bunch of imbeciles. Are they seriously trying to get away with that when it has been nationally illegal for decades?

An Educated Gangster on Politics...

I wrote a long paper on my political views. I then discussed with my friend what he thought about what I had to say and we got into some very deep conversation in regard to the system of government and how it is failing in many ways. Be sure to watch the whole series, it's loaded with content and can be found below this video on YouTube.

Police brutality at Oakland Solidarity march

This really doesn't help me get over my strong dislike for police officers. Watch the whole video on that article and you can see how many people were arrested for no reason and even beaten in front of crowds of people. It's pathetic how they need mobs of police officers to arrest one person and then four of them to restrain the person who is already on the ground. There would be no sympathy from me if that angry mob of people got those corrupt hogs butchered.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

America doesn't learn from other nation's mistakes. They learn from their own mistakes. Even if it is the biggest mistake in the world.

A pretty interesting and particularly scary read. Essentially what I got out of it was that the only way we can possibly get the globe out of the economic state it is in right now is to give economic immunity to everyone and start over. As unlikely as this is it's going to take DECADES to get out of this debt. That is if government can stop spending so much damn money that doesn't exist to "save" money that doesn't exist.

Interesting article regarding the "Occupy Wall Street" movement

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Political ignorance regarding abortion

This is straight from the text of that article.

All of the other major GOP contenders oppose abortion rights, and Rick Santorum, who has made his staunch opposition to abortion a key component of his campaign, was quick to pounce on Cain’s remarks.

“I find it gravely troubling that Herman believes it’s a life, but that he doesn’t consider it a life worth fighting for,” the former Pennsylvania senator said in a statement. “In fact, Herman’s pro-choice position is similar to those held by John Kerry, Barack Obama and many others on the liberal left. No, Herman, it is not ‘whatever they decide,’ this is an innocent human life. It is unconscionable for Herman to run for the nomination of the party that stands in defense of Life while showing disregard for the sanctity of Life.”

My response: How ignorant is politics becoming? ABORTION IS CIRCUMSTANTIAL, IMBECILE. So what Rick Santorum is saying is that, under no circumstance is it beneficial(or perhaps essential) to take a human life. So, Rick, how about the teens who can't afford to get an education AND tend for the baby they don't want, especially when they can't fend for themselves? Let me guess, the parents can take care of it? Okay, BUT IF THE PARENTS WERE RESPONSIBLE THE GIRL WOULDN'T BE PREGNANT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Majority of these unwanted pregnancies are happening because of irresponsible children and sadly, adults as well. Most likely those "adults" are trailer trash, drug addicts, lowlifes, criminals, and any other form of counterproductive "citizen" that leaches our nation's handouts through MONEY FOR THEIR CHILDREN(who are getting pregnant because their parents are useless to them and always have been) that they use to benefit no one but themselves to get their booze or their next fix to prolong their drug habit. Or if they put the baby up for adoption that child can go through multiple homes in its lifetime and probably end up committing crimes and dying anyways after an opposing gang member catches him on his "turf" and riddles him with bullets. Maybe the government can do something about it! Maybe they can find some money in this $14,000,000,000,000 deficit and give money to those irresponsible parents so they can continue their mothers/fathers(if they know them) habits of being addicted to drugs and living in government homes! Fantastic! Everything works out right?! Someone who never had a role model is being forced to be a role model with no financial stability(and probably education) whatsoever! This is great! Everyone's happy! The economy's in perfect shape! We're all a bunch of tree hugging conservatives with superficial morals and ignorant beliefs! We're headed exactly where we belong!

It's called purgatory. You're indirectly committing murder and ruining lives as well as devastating the United States of America.

Now shut the hell up with your flawed values and let people keep another life from growing up with no one to look up to just to further increase the amount of irresponsible adults STEALING money from the government and committing murders for some paper.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First blog...

So my fan base just blew up recently so I've decided it's time I make a blog to keep in touch with people. Shout out to all my fans, I'm gonna take this to the top.