Friday, October 28, 2011

4 ways the Feds are attacking medical marijuana industry

 The feds are so stupid. How can you even compare Marijuana to heroin, ecstasy, and LSD?

1. That land belongs to the States in which where they are doing it is legal. So stop wasting our tax dollars on gigantic stacks of paperwork just because you have nothing better to do but dedicate yourself to making this economy fail even more.

2. Who cares if it's against the law? It's not the big deal that they make it out to be. Marijuana is not addicting, and if someone becomes addicted to it, it is their lack of willpower to which the addiction is attached, not the plant itself. Or maybe people just like being happy and carefree more than they do dealing with bullshit, government included. They used to do ads almost ALL the time about cigarettes. If marijuana gets more ads than cigarettes do then I am all for it. Marijuana is healthier and even beneficial whereas cigarettes are cancerous and have more carcinogens than your cars exhaust pipe. The same goes for alcohol, I'd rather someone be addicted to marijuana than to alcohol ANYDAY.

3. Money laundering? No shit? REALLY? Of course it's a "high risk area" for money laundering you imbecilic feds. They're medical cannabis retailers and your ignorant and superficial DEA doesn't recognize it for what it is. In pure form, cannabis DOES HAVE MEDICAL VALUE AND THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE TO VOUCH FOR AND PROVE THAT AS A FACT. In idiocentric form(feds) it has "no medical value and is highly addictive". If that's the case than why are alcohol and cigarettes legal? Because a lot of the tax money comes from taxes on alcohol and cigarettes. That's why.

4. This one speaks for itself. Do you know how many "criminals" they couldn't prove were "criminals" until they charged them with "tax evasion" and sentenced them to life for it, to cover for the crimes they couldn't prove? A large amount.

Moral of the story: The Federal government is a joke and thinks the people of the United States are majoritarily stupid. They aren't stupid, but a lot of them are very ignorant. The government can't even keep its own workers from being corrupt, so why go after citizens when you have your own problems to work out? Your "highly addictive drug with no medicinal value whatsoever" makes people happy with their lives and encourages them to get out and be productive in their life. How about instead of going after the nonexistent number of people who have problems with cannabis, you go after people who have problems with tobacco and alcohol addiction. How many people need to die to "legal" drugs for you to go after them? How many people need to tell you that their lives have benefited from "illegal" drugs for you to understand their hardships they've overcome through something "illegal" has been far more beneficial compared to that of alcoholism or nicotine addiction? It's all about the money you CAN get from things that kill people, and the money you CAN'T get from things that help people. Idiots.

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