Monday, October 31, 2011

Female speaking out against religion

Religion was created because people want to believe that they don't just rot in the ground after they die. It's always easier to cope with death when you know your life doesn't truly end, and that it's better on the other side. "Having faith" is exactly that, having faith. Faith that you won't just rot in the ground and give back to the earth what you've taken from her for an entire century. People talk about miracles, because there's no way it could be a coincidence. A coincidence only takes a second, our lifetimes are billions of seconds long. Do the math, there is billions of chances for a coincidence to happen in your lifetime. I don't spite "God" if he does exist, but we've learned more in the past hundred years than we have in the past million as human beings. And you can spite me for being atheist all you want, as the author said, your "blissful ignorance" will not be instilled upon me. My brain is my most powerful tool, and I will put logic before faith any day. Humans act primarily on emotions. Faith is an emotion. When someone dies they are overwhelmed with sadness so they replace that sadness with faith in a higher being and a higher place where you are immortal and somehow manage to be with every single person you've grown to love among the trillions of others who have died before you. I don't know how we got here, but science has given us a good idea. And if science can explain how I evolved from monkeys that threw feces at each other for fun more than the bible can explain our existence, then so be it. I don't want to say I bash religions, but I do bash ignorance, and religions were made and followed on ignorance. Our government tries to act like they're carrying out god's will yet they're corrupt by a majority, and some even believe that if you break the law you're going to hell. So you're going to hell for man-made corrupt laws.

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