Saturday, October 29, 2011

Police... Impose on the 3rd amendment? The new domestic militarized soldiers?

Take your time reading these articles. Witness the true magnitude of corruption. This is what our nation has succumb to. This is what it is to be a "protector". This is the direction that our government has allowed, and our people have ignored.

Police using steel barriers to cage in protesters to the sidewalks, claiming it is to "keep people out of the roads for traffic" when in reality, majority of people actually walk in that area so there really isn't any traffic. Not to mention police are in those areas in the middle of the roads and arresting people for climbing over the barriers or just walking on the road side of them. The police are ignoring any contact with them regarding the "illegality" of being on the road side of the barriers. Citizens of the area claim that the police are much more of a problem than the protesters themselves! The peaceful protesters have marched by buildings and such and done nothing violent or costly to anyone except for walking(stated by a business owner in that area, who also claimed the barriers were hurting his business), yet the police are arresting people left and right for crimes the police themselves provoked. It is as if the police get paid for every person they lock up regardless of the charges and they just think a peaceful protest is a jackpot for victims.

We fight against terrorism for decades in the Middle East while the domestic "public protectors" arm with bulletproof suits and grenade launchers and fully-automatic machine guns against peaceful protesters whom they arrest under fraudulent charges and astronomically exaggerated fairy tales... Meanwhile our economy crumbles. These Neo-Nazis make me sick. At least when Nazi Germany was around their economy was prosperous. We just have corrupt SOLDIERS("police") meeting a quota of corrupt arrests because they see a peaceful protest as a jackpot, further killing our economy by draining our tax dollars to pay for these gluttonous hogs to feast on the weak and peaceful victims, protesters. Is it hog hunting season yet? Get your shotguns ready.

The police are minions of the constitution. Yet they outright violate people's rights that were given on the HIGHEST LEVEL LAW OF THE LAND, THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. How does the lowest level of government (police) get away with breaking the highest level of rules (the constitution)? The government better start doing their job that WE PAY THEM TO DO. Or a revolution will happen, a very much needed one. No longer will we stay the victims of those that we employ. YOU WORK FOR US, YOU WILL DO WHAT WE WANT. Don't forget that, feds.

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