Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tyranny and Liberty.

A very intuitive article I must say. Beefed up with enough information regarding the government stretching its true boundaries. The fathers of our country had to have realized that giving "implied" and "reserved" powers would inevitably be abused and stretched to the point of political corruption. Who is the beneficiary of such corruptness is the real question... What does the government have to earn by abusing its citizens and feasting on the power delegated to them by the people? Are the outrageous salaries they receive not enough to stay on a straight and narrow path? I want to blame someone for this but in the end it is everyone's fault. The news agencies' faults for not giving important information that actually matters beyond 15 seconds, trying to appease and entertain their CUSTOMERS with fluffy information that doesn't help us at all. The peoples' faults for not being educated in what is going on in everyday politics, and not having the motive to care for how their RULERS are BENDING THE RULES daily for the goals of who knows what. The government for letting corruption leak through the holes and not mentioning it or being completely oblivious to it or afraid to challenge it due to fear of losing their CAREERS(Yes, it's a JOB, ever heard of sleeping on the job?). I don't blame the founders of the constitution, they wanted their system to last. They wanted their system to be well rounded and appeal to everyone's rights, prioritarily the CITIZENS. It is a government for the people, by the people, correct? Then why is the government flexing its elastic grasp over citizens, lowering the quality of their life on A HUNCH? The government is corrupt on all levels. Local, state, and federal. There is no mediator in the sense to keep them from being corrupt. There is no person who's job is to keep an eye on the legislators slipping things in between the lines that stretch their power, except perhaps the supreme court who in itself is quite ignorant to the true interpretation of the constitution. If men were angels, there would be no need for government, yes. But does government not consist of those same men?

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