Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A politician finally speaks out against US drug policy

The scope of US drug policy is much larger than just negatively impacting Mexico. The amount of tax revenue that could be made from drugs being legal and regulated (like alcohol or tobacco) would be MASSIVE. Just look at the amount of taxes that alcohol and tobacco bring in, now imagine that, tenfold. Not only that, the cost of running prisons would drop dramatically so we'd actually do something productive with our tax dollars instead of "humanely" enslaving peaceful recreational drug users, raiding houses with "probable cause", and tearing the cars/property of ignorant individuals apart.

Not to mention the fact that legalizing drugs would push the black market for drugs (which is without a doubt a STRONG majority of the black market's income) out of the country. We wouldn't have to worry about drug lords causing domestic wars over suppliers. We wouldn't have to worry about our kids going to school and learning how to be drug dealers and "hanging with the wrong crowd". We wouldn't have these hoodlums running around impressing upon their peers how cool it is to have an unregistered gun and to have a chain that hurts their neck.

Fact of the matter is, the good that would come out of the legalization - OR AT LEAST the logical review of our policies - astonishingly outweighs the bad that has come out of the drug war. The magnitude of the war on drugs is much more than the media or ignorant politicians express. How can you tell me that drugs are morally wrong and should be illegal when those morals are indirectly causing people to go to prison for life, or lose their life over some contraband "easy money"?

In no way am I advocating that our population should go try meth or crack or anything like that. Everyone has a freedom of choice, it's our right as human beings. Whether drugs are illegal or not doesn't change the fact that people will do what they want if they want to. It's Communist to say you can't make your own choices. An individual's neglect to research a drug he or she is about to put in their body is their own responsibility. Instead of oppressing falsified information about drugs on our youth (and our elderly) - and giving drug users a horrible stigma - we should give FACTUAL information about the ACTUAL ups and downs of substances. They give more and more fake information from government run institutions that bash drugs harshly, then you find a bunch of real research that has been going on by actual scientists who have experimented and it completely negates the government's "results".

Until we start applying logical thought to our country's (and states) policies, we will forever be at the mercy of domestic terrorism consisting of criminals, police, and the misinformed public. Our LEADERS are supposed to reflect on all of us, as they represent us. Yet our LEADERS instill ignorance in politics and appeal to morals that further make the government's functionality a clusterfuck, and the general well being of society unnaturally negative. This isn't the "land of the free". This is the "barren of the oppressed and ignorant". We're becoming Communists. Democracy is slowly creeping out of the doggy door, better get an electric doggy fence.

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