Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Recommended watch - Ayurveda: The Art of Being

It breaks your heart to look at how technologically advanced and rich we are yet our greed blinds us to natural medical treatments that have been passed down longer than "western civilization" has existed. Ten years in college won't teach you what this video will. People were given life or death decisions by westerners with doctorates on what this Ayurveda made seem like a petty cough. They are curing cancer for free out of the good will of humanity and we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars over here - destroying our bodies in the process - just to get a half ass treatment that might not even FIX the cancer and potentially ruins lives. This really opens your eyes especially when they talk about our instant gratification and selfishness of our lifestyles. Humans are compassionate creatures and our civilization has made us care about no one but ourselves and inner circle and thus we have an extremely high suicide rate. There is so much hidden knowledge contained in this film that it's overwhelming.