Saturday, February 9, 2013

Obsolete Humans? Why Elites Want You to Fear the Robot

I wrote this in respond to this article

I think the article should've been named "Obsolete Sheep? Why Elites want you to fear the robot" and followed suit with the truth of things. The fact of the matter is that as easy as it is for corporations to spend all of their money on making robots do 99% of jobs that humans can do, they are afraid of the impact robots would have on their profits. For every person making money, there's a person spending money. Corporations WANT you to spend money. If every corporation has every job filled by a robot, the money in the economy is sucked out like a sponge, their consumers can barely afford to eat, why would they purchase any of their products?

We will never see a day where robots have every single "paying" job because without people making money, there is no spending money. I do hope though that we'll see a day where robots make our lives so easy that we don't even have to work, and people will be able to do what they want in life because they aren't working 33.3% of their lives away being miserable to chase some state certified DEBT. It's quite obvious that corporations are afraid of absolute automation because it contradicts their interests which are profits.

So this entire article is inaccurate. The elites are afraid of the robot, not us. There is no corporatocracy when money is worth nothing. When everyone's needs and wants are met in life just because everyone believes in human rights - then we will be where we should be as a society. In the current state of affairs GREED determines EVERYTHING in our lives. And those with all of the money make sure that we stay in our little packaged boxes and never think that there's something outside of our enclosure.

I actually think that you, author, are working for a corporate interest. You make us think that you're on our side yet you tell us something that is the exact opposite of the truth. In this country alone we have seen OUR OWN CITIZENS INCARCERATED AND MURDERED BY THE STATE because of GREED alone. We've gone to WAR because of GREED alone. We've had cures for malicious diseases that kill significant amounts of our population hidden from us because of GREED alone. We've criminalized medicine that can grow in our back yard and has a multitude of uses for things we are running out of today because of GREED alone.

This vicious cycle will never end until we have a TRUE government "by the people, for the people" we don't even need a republic and ESPECIALLY NOT a democracy anymore. We have the technology and capability now to give the people of our country a POLL device that lets us decide things as a whole based on votes from everyone in our population, yet for some reason we still vote for people when we have absolutely no control over what they will do for the next 2 years, 4 years, or 6 years of their CAREERS. We place our trust is absolute strangers based on good faith?

What a sick joke the reality of our lives has become.

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