Saturday, February 2, 2013

Recommended watch - House of Cards (Netflix series)

This series is a masterpiece. It perfectly captures how Washington DC operates. Trading votes for favors, manipulating people for power, instilling just how much power MONEY has on politics in this country. I couldn't stop watching all of the episodes until I got to the last one and HAD to write this review. You can't help but love the sinister yet clever plot and the catchy first person narrative that Kevin Spacey gives you throughout the entire series. I think it's absolutely hilarious how they capture just how serious the government thinks our debt is, we are upwards of 16 trillion dollars in debt and the congress in this is just how you should imagine it is in real life; a bunch of people just chasing public opinion and ACTING like they care - for votes and money.

I commend Netflix for bringing this series to my attention and to the attention of all Netflix subscribers; as we are in a time where we are in DIRE need of some DRASTIC changes in how Washington DC does business. I recommend this series for anyone who has no idea how politics works. This should be shown to children of all ages in all schools to make learning politics actually FUN, and to expose the countless opportunities for corruption that our government provides - perhaps a PG13 edited version. We have a fundamental problem in this country and that specifically is that we are so concerned with our day to day life that we don't even pay much attention to Washington DC after the Congress is elected or to be more specific - the PRESIDENT which is potentially the ONLY vote that I'd say 90% of the population makes.

Thank you Netflix. You have finally found a way to make politics in America more than just talking heads and empty promises. You have told a story that is absolutely possible in our modern society. I can only hope that enough people have seen this video by the 2016 election that we actually choose SENSIBLE candidates for the most powerful position in the world. All candidates we have seen - and been forced to vote for - have given us NOTHING BUT LIP SERVICE and we sit here, stumped, not knowing why we voted for the person we did. Also let's be honest with ourselves, a great majority of the people who vote for the President DO NOT keep up with what the President does once he's in office. Obama's 2nd inauguration is testament to that fact. He won votes appealing to people watching TV and completely backstabbed those voters when he was in office, but many people only get their information from the politicians themselves and that is absolutely ignorant.

I'm not making some left or right wing debate here; I'm independent and I don't really affiliate myself with ANY political party whatsoever because I don't have an agenda, I only treasure our natural rights. I will provide you information about how Obama has completely contradicted himself after he got in office and continues to do so. He said he would leave cannabis alone in states where it was legal entirely or for medicinal usage; yet he appointed the same exact figure head of the DEA that has viciously attacked those states ever since they began producing cannabis legally under their own laws - the same exact one that was under the Bush administration. There is absolutely NO ARGUMENT for why he would do something like that besides clear ulterior motives from his campaign policies. Do a Google or YouTube search for Michele Leonhart's stance on marijuana and you will see Obama's HYPOCRISY in action.

This series is groundbreaking and this will be a favorite of mine for the rest of my life. We need a cultural awakening and I can only hope that the American people start to realize that their vote counts NOW and if we continue down the road we are going - we may not even have a choice in the future. We've witnessed and fallen victim to rudimentary rhetoric for long enough! I haven't lost all hope; the younger generation is opening their eyes to things that their blind ancestors couldn't see. The internet is breaking through the filters and as more and more people gain an awareness to the big picture I feel we have a chance.


Watch this series NOW!

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